It is no secret that big corporations are hugging big data, which everyone believes of great value. When talking about big data, BIG takes over our brain no matter that you are thinking of data, infrastructure, or applications. Of course, small business is being left out in this new gold rush. Who will connect small and big together?!! But I believe that big data for small business is a huge but overlooked business opportunity.

As I explained in What’s Big Data, big data is neither about big nor about data. It is about proactively learning and understanding our customers, their needs, behaviors, experience, and trends in near real-time and 24×7. Since big data is about customers and competency, why cannot small business leverage it? With cheap clouding computing and open source softwares, the barrier to enter big data is lowering everyday.

However small business doesn’t have an army (infrastructure engineers, data engineers, data scientists, and application developers) to implement big data. It is a big challenge but also a big opportunity for vendors that can integrate various technologies into an easy-to-use, maintenance-free, and one-stop solution. There is a gold mine in front of us. Let’s start digging it!